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Where they´d come from....

HamPic of the week
10 day old baby

Alyssa´s 10 day old boy
(courtesy of Alyssa)

Description of all known species in hamsters.

How to care about your hamster. Food, water, cleaning, taming, handling etc.

All about Health-problems, how to treat and how to prevent

A Wordbook in hamsters

How to breed hamsters - or better: What to know about breeding hamsters.

Informations about cages, accessories, houses, wheels....etc.

Informations about known dangerous cages, toys, beddings, wheels etc.

Stories and pictures about furry little hamster-families.

Hamsters are real personalities - for some of them you´ll find special pages in this section, stories and pictures are provided by other hamster-lovers.

Links - What and where to find News, Infos and Pictures about Hamsters

Memorial-Page for all those furry little friends gone to Rainbow Bridge

The story of Rainbow Bridge



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